The Battle For Votes and Guns


Although the margins were slim Paul Cantrell won his bid for Sheriff of McMinn County, TN in the elections of 1936, 1938 and again in 1940. This is the story of  the battle for votes […]

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Why A Stimulus Package?

stimulus package

When the economy is not doing well why do a stimulus package? Should the country go in further debt to attempt a recovery or do other things and not incur further debt? Is A Stimulus Package […]

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The Supply Of Supply And Demand

supply demand

Supply is that product on the shelf waiting for you to buy. Attention-grabbing, isn’t, as it seems that whatever you want it’s available when you’re ready to buy. Sure, shortages happen however they are not […]

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Just Have a Woman Do It….

Senators Murkowski, Ayotte and Collins

The lack of progress during the recent government shutdown caused Senator Susan Collins of Maine to draft a three point plan to stop the stalemate that she thought both parties could live with. Women in […]

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