Jan 16 2014
NFC Championship Game 2014 Seahawks VS San Francisco 49'ers

hawks and 9ers

NFC Championship Game 2014 Seahawks VS San Francisco 49′ers

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are going to meet again; the third time this season.

In the first meeting, on their home turf, the Seahawks won, the second meeting, on their home turf, the 49ers won.

This is the showdown of all showdowns.  This is exactly how the fans had hoped it would turn out.  As Doug Baldwin tweeted after the 49ers beat the Carolina Panthers “Wouldn’t want it any other way…”

This has turned out to be the most heated rivalry on the West coast.

In Nevada the odds makers have put the home team Seahawks as the favorite, currently by 3 points.

The 49ers have won their last 8 games while the Seahawks have slightly struggled with the offense.

Russell Wilson has struggled in the last few games.  His numbers just aren’t what they have been in the first half of the season.

If the Seahawks are going to win they will need more than the Defense to keep them upright.  The offense will have to be on their “A” game to put this one in their belt.

This game should prove to be a knock out of a game.

The 49ers have looked great in their last 8 wins, especially since they got Michael Crabtree back from an Achilles injury.

Who will win the NFC Championship game, the 49er’s or the Seahawks?NFC Game Hawks V 49ers

The major factor of this game, however, will be the 12th man. The last time the 49ers were at Century Link field the fans broke a record for the loudest noise in a stadium with a decibel reading of 136.6.

The 49ers are a great football team and it is going to be a great challenge for both of the teams to win the game.

The Seahawks have the last several wins credited to their defense almost entirely. The offensive passing game has struggled and the hawks last few victories were a result of turnovers and key plays by the defense. This imbalance will not get them to the Super Bowl.  Wilson and the offensive needs to start driving downfield and start scoring points for the Seahawks to win on Sunday.

The biggest struggle has been the passing game. Lynch has been doing great on the ground but without an effective passing game this one dimensional offense will not survive the 49ers. Russell has got to open things up downfield and start making completions in a big way.

It goes without saying that the intensity of the players for this game will be at an all time high.

The offense for the hawks MUST be more productive than they have been in the last five games if they are going to win.

If Russell Wilson takes care of the football and plays well, the offensive line protects Wilson, the defense plays great, and the Beast comes out running, then the Seahawks will win this game.

Turnovers will be the most important part of this game.

All and all this game should be the most epic golden game of the season and the most watched football game of the season.

Going into the weekend there is one thing we know for sure; a West Coast NFC Championship Team is going to the Superbowl. Click here for more

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  • Rodney Mann

    If the Seahawk offense doesn’t step it up on Sunday they could be in trouble. Also, they had better not give the 49ers the same opportunities in the last 2 minutes they gave the Saints or it’s all over. The “12th Man” will not be a factor on Sunday.

    The one consistent the Hawks have that could lead them to a championship is an outstanding head coach who will not cost them a game ala Holmgrem.

  • LM

    Thanks Rodney for your comments. Very True! The offense MUST play better than they have in the last few games! With the enthusiasm of the crowd and whats at stake I see them showing up 100% GO Seahawks!