Apr 23 2014
Why Not All Gold Is Created Equal

There are many different ways to purchase gold; however, not all gold is created equal. If you have not purchased gold in the past, you should know that they all have very different portfolios. While some could try to sway you to buy ETF’s you should know that physical gold is always better.

When was the last time you paid for something that you couldn’t see? Think about it. Physical gold is where it’s at. If you can’t hold it, you probably shouldn’t buy it. You’ll have sellers try to convince you that you are better off to buy stocks when it comes to gold so that you won’t have to store it, but what happens when you go to cash in and it’s not there?

Today, I am going to share with you why looking at gold as an investment can be dangerous. You’ll find out the truth about physical gold purchase, and how you can prepare for the future by learning why not all gold is created equal.

Why Not All Gold Is Created Equal Proof That Not All Gold is Created Equal

If you want the evidence that not all gold is created equal, ask Germany how they feel about asking the Federal Reserve for 300 tons of gold to be returned back to them. You are probably wondering why they would ask. Again, the idea that an entire country could lose gold is frightening, but when gold stocks are purchased and you go to cash in, the fear that it won’t be there when you do cash in is looming.

That is a scary feeling for anyone, and it’s troublesome that the U.S. wasn’t trusted to hang onto the gold. The response from the United States was that it would take 7 years for the gold to be returned. That is another frightening response. Doesn’t it seem to you that it would be done quickly if the gold were on hand?

This is why you must educate yourself early on about the chances you take when you buy gold via ETF or otherwise. Even if you buy physical gold you still need to educate yourself on what to look for and what to buy, and who to buy it from. This is why physical gold will always be the best way to buy gold. You just need to learn a few simple things before you head out to buy!

Not All Gold is Created Equal but Gold Bullion Speaks!

Gold is still the best way to protect yourself against inflation, regardless of what anyone else tells you. Gold is gold no matter where you are located. If you go to Russia, gold is gold. If you go to China, gold is gold. This should tell you that gold speaks a universal language.

Gold will continue to increase in value as prices increase while the dollar will deflate. This is why gold is inflation protection. You can’t go wrong, but you must learn that buying physical gold is still always the best option for you. You need to be able to see what you are buying so that you can access it when you are ready.

Don’t believe just anyone. Remember that what you can lay hands on and what you can see is best. Don’t let anyone get you to believe in hype because not all gold is created equal.

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