Jul 15 2014
Nutritional Beverage

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage:

Nnutritional  Beverage.

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage has more than you would get in any other whole coffee fruit beverage. As much as you receive a staggering antioxidant value of CoffeeBerry that is six hundred and twenty five times more than blueberry, the goodness doesn’t stop there; SoZo® researched further and developed the perfect nutritional beverage.

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage is a result of a branded blend of CoffeeBerry® together with powerful fruit and veggie extracts when combined offer a whole spectrum of antioxidant protection required by both the mind and body.

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage is simply the most sophisticated 100% natural wide-range healthy beverage that any fruit and vegetable drinker will ever get. Just a single 3 ounce of SoZo® Nutritional Beverage serving everyday gives the user an approximate antioxidant capacity that is equivalent to 21 servings of fruits and veggies.

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage is yet another power product from SoZo®. The Nutritional Beverage doesn’t require any mixing and consumers drink it straight from the packaging. The Nutritional Beverage health benefits are plenty thanks to the Vegetable and CoffeeBerry Extracts together with the fruit blend that ensures the consumer receives a maximum range of antioxidants protection that helps them have a long lasting health and well-being.

Just a single serving of SoZo® 3oz Nutritional Beverage drink delivers the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.



SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink/Ignite Energy

To define this drink, we must first of all ask what fuels our bodies. Nowadays, everyone and everybody is searching for a healthy boost that will help them perform to their level best. Unfortunately, if you search from one end to the other you’ll find it difficult coming across a health drinks that is not laden with unnatural ingredients that will see you crashing a couple of hours after consuming the ‘energy drink’.

Fortunately, SoZo® has introduced the SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink/Ignite Energy which is an eight ounce recyclable container ready to drink, drink that will give your mind, and body and spirit experiences that are way beyond energy. SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink/Ignite Energy is 100% natural alternative that has zero preservatives and zero artificial sweeteners.

It goes without saying that SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink is by far the only ready to serve drink that has branded CoffeeBerry® whole coffee fruit technology.

SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink will not let you suffer any jitters thanks to its energizing blend of anti-oxidant that is rich in veggie and fruits extracts that promotes mental acuity, mental alertness and has properties that assist in stress reduction and support endurance.

SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink is increasingly becoming popular and as an energy drink consumer it would be unwise if you settled for unhealthy energy drinks that will just cause you more harm than good giving you only a hour’s worth of busts and send you crashing down later.

The SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink on the other hand gives you all you can have to perform at your best thanks to its healthy boost of energy. The 8 ounce health drink is also a lucrative business module that you can market and make money.

How you ask? Simple, with millions of American drinking coffee on a daily basis as well as millions more that partake nutritional beverages and energy drinks on a daily basis.

So who is SoZo® And Why SoZo®?

SoZo® is a company that is based out of Austin Texas. SoZo® Global Company as it is known is a company that is gradually and consistently gaining ground in the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) movement. The company is relatively new however; their products are genuine contenders and winners that are based on well-established and firm favorite coffee brand.

SoZo® Global has made its own unique coffee by taking their own angle of using the CoffeeBerry plant fruit that is an extremely powerful antioxidant. With such a discovery and use, there is every reason why SoZo® is likely going to be the number one nutritional coffee company thanks to the success and effectiveness of its nutritional coffee brands.

Together with its manufacturing partner, SoZo® Global has started a procedure in which the partnership successfully preserves all the CoffeeBerry nutritional qualities that are predominant in the company’s entire product line.

It goes without saying that the benefits of this range are plentiful. Some of the benefits were studies and proven recently through a double-blind study that registered its findings that SoZo® functional beverage has the ability of minimizing inflammation.

SoZo® Life has patented their brands and has exclusive patented rights that allow them and only them, to use CoffeeBerry Fruit in their products. The CoffeeBerry fruit is by far the highest known and rated antioxidant fruit found on planet earth.

Who Are The SoZo® Team One Power Play Members?

Before getting started with any company, it is important that you determine the type of company and team you are going to be a part of. It is also quite important that you do your research into the company before even thinking of joining the company.

An effective research should begin with the company’s leadership, look into the leadership and find out whether the top cream is able to make a profound impression in your career. Fortunately, SoZo® Team One Power Play is the Company that will help you advance in your career.

You will gain access to big team players such as Mark Adams CEO who was name the Earnestine Young entrepreneur of the year in 2008, five successful business that are still viable to day. Next we have Larry Cantrell who has 23yrs experience in direct sales, former CEO, served on the over cite committee for Direct Sales Association, He has also been a top distributor in this industry. We also have Mr John Constine with over 20yrs in this industry he is also a top distribute, and sets on the board. The Company’s “MOTTO IS WE SERVICE OUR DISTRIBURS ABOVE ALL ELSE”

In Conclusion

SoZo® Life is by itself an amazing company that has a robust foundation. Its effective and successful results have seen many MLM industry leaders join SoZo®. The company has a great system and a wonderful compensation plan that comes with a waft of health benefits.

As it is; SoZo® is the only company offering a robust nutritional coffee product and an effective MLM plan. The leadership at the helm of SoZo® Life cares about the company, individuals and their downlines and does everything to help anyone in their MLM line. Of the entire American adult population that is approximately 230 million, 110 million of these adults are regular coffee consumers. This means of every two adult Americans one is a Hot Coffee Consumer, now you know why SoZo® nutritional coffee is doing it big!

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