Sep 4 2014
Physicians Should Opt Out Of Insurance Plans

More doctors are now opting out of not only Medicare but other insurance plans for a number of  reasons.   This is particularly true of small private practices and of older physicians who haven’t yet gotten into Electronic Health Records. 153408407

Physician reimbursement is directly tied to the process of documentation and coding for medical office visits and procedures. Using this system allows audits  by payers which can  result in rejection of claims and or penalties.

This  is happening more frequently by  Physicians  Opting Out of Insurance Plans  and Medicare. So why not stay out of that system entirely and change to an all cash practice?   It can be done.

About Bill Kirmes

As a physician whose been in practice for over 30 years as a self employed doctor he sees patients with both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. He enjoys gardening and riding a Harley and he's President of his local Kiwanis club. He's involved in internet marketing as a transition from medicine.

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