Feb 21 2014
Playstation 4 Review: Affordable and Extremely Powerful

The Playstation 4 is one of the best gaming consoles on the market today

watch dogs ps4I had fun writing this Playstation 4 Review. I believe Sony Playstation 4 is the best selling gaming console in history.

When it was released on November 15, 2013 more than one million units were sold on its first day. Millions of consumers all over the world are familiar with the quality gaming systems that Sony has produced in the past and they expect great things from the Playstation 4.


This Playstation 4 review will give hard core gamers and interested consumers a general breakdown about this system, its features and its strengths and weaknesses.

Here is a general summary of the Playstation 4 that highlights its specs and selling points.

2 Jaguar AMDx86-64 CPU Processors that allows the Playstation 4 to operate 3 times faster than the Playstation 3

• 256 MB DDR3 RAM

• 500GB Hard Drive Space

• AMD Radeon GPU graphics card

• Blue-ray Player

Dual 4 Shock Controllers

• Camera that allows players to turn on/off their systems with voice commands and to automatically connect into previous games. It can also be used for motion tracking

• WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity

• Can be integrated with the PS Vita which is a handheld gaming console that was created by Sony to work independently of a Playstation 4 system.

• Uses the Playstation Network to access online content

• Slim and lightweight design weighing in at 6.1 pounds

The New Look and Style of the Playstation 4

Sony redesigned its Playstation 4 by giving it an asymmetrical appearance. The unit looks sophisticated and modern. It has been designed to fit into the scheme of most modern electronics. The power button and on/off switch are placed out of sight on the front part of the unit. Even though the buttons are hidden they are fairly easy to locate once a person becomes familiar with the system. The console has a slim build and users can either set the system up flat on a surface or they can use a stand (sold separately) to set it up on its side. The Playstation 4 form design is a departure from previous models.

The Playstation 4 Controller Review

This Playstation 4 controller review that rates how well the new Dual Shock Sony controllers are used on the system.

The Dual Shock controllers for the Playstation 4 are more upgraded from the PS3.

The Dual Shock 4 control pads are bigger than their predecessors and they offer more comfort and control for games. The joysticks pads come with a share button that instantly connects gamers to social media sites such as Facebook and this feature also allows gamers to upload videos that feature their game playing experience. A light bar is also featured on the Dual Shock 4 controllers. This light bar measures a player’s health during games and it also interacts with the camera in order to detect movement.

Software, Services and Connectivity

Playstation fans will still have to access the Playstation Network in order to get ps4apps, movies, music and games. The Playstation 4 primarily uses an Ethernet connection to access online content from the Playstation Network. When users first set up their system they must download an update in order to get their consoles working. If they do not download this update they will not be able to use the primary features, which include the Blue-ray player or the Playstation Network. The most they can do is play a hard copy game directly from their console. The Playstation 4 experience is best suited for an online connection. Players can also use Bluetooth to form a wireless connection. Also, the unit has a built in wireless receiver as well. However, the game works best through the Ethernet connection.

While the Playstation 4 has been primarily designed as a gaming system, users can still access music, videos, pictures and the Playstation 4 from their home screen. They will also need a subscription to play multiplayer games. Audio CDs and MP3 files can also play on the system as well.

Playstation 4 Strengths

The Playstation 4 was designed as a gaming system. This is a departure from the Playstation 3 which was more orientated toward overall media. Since gaming is the top priority of the latest Playstation model, developers have created most of the features toward this particular end. Again, players can use their systems just to watch movies or listen to music but their systems should be primarily used for gaming

The Playstation 4 has more power and more in-depth gaming features and control.

The newer controls and features utilizes the senses more which means that players will be able to interact with the latest titles for the PS4 and have a lot of fun being immersed inside of their games unlike the past.

Playstation 4 users will also have the ability to interact with friends and the Playstation community at a more intimate level. Certain games that are played on the system will become more realistic and entertaining as players are able to better communicate with other gamers from around the world.

The Weaknesses of Playstation 4

While the console does play other forms of media, it no longer has the capacity that it once did to be used in this fashion. In other words if a person is buying the PS4 just to watch Blue-ray discs or to play music they would be better off buying another device for this purpose.

The Playstation 4 should have better WIFI technology integrated into its system. evolutionAs techonology evolves the Ethernet connection will eventually fade and WIFI technology will become more and more dependable.

The Playstation 4 still lacks blockbuster games. Even though the games for the PS4 are tolerable they are not designed to really take advantage of the systems new specs and features. Many of the games are great but none (as of yet) are spectacular. Hopefully, this will change as game developers come up with new titles.

This Sony Playstation 4 review will help people to decide if they want to buy Playstation 4 as a gaming unit.

Even with its flaws the Playstation 4 is an exceptional video game unit that is well worth the money

     Pic      Product Title  amazon.com Pricing
PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Price: $254.98 - $299.49
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console Price: $314.00 - $328.79

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