Jun 27 2014
Primrose School Franchise – A Balanced Review

Primrose School Franchise was founded in Marietta Georgia by Paul and Marcy Erwin in 1982. Jo Kirchner was hired in 1988 to increase the half-day preschool to a full-day Primrose School Franchise program and to help start the franchising business. Jo became President and CEO of the Primrose Schools in 1999 when the Erwins retired.

The Primrose School franchises are accredited private preschools offering services to children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. They offer a highly regarded child care educational experience.

Over 282 schools are located throughout the United States. Each of the schools are independently owned and operated by franchise owners. Plus, there is one location owned and operated by corporate.

Primrose School Franchise strives to create and maintain a positive learning environment in each school. In a nurturing atmosphere children have fun while they learn in a safe and loving setting. The school’s staff also partner with parents to ensure that their children get a well-rounded education. The school works together with parents to help children build a solid foundation for their futures.

Teaching Model of the Primrose School Franchise

Primrose offers full-day early childhood schooling for children between 6 weeks to 6 years old. The Primrose School Franchise also offers an after school program for children up to 12 years of age.

The Primrose schools employ the company’s own Balanced Learning® system curriculum. This system successfully combines traditional teacher directed learning with engaging child directed play. The schools teaching model is designed to provide a high quality learning experience. These support a child’s thinking, social skills, emotional, and physical wellness and creative development. The teaching model is adjusted for age appropriate levels in their education process. The curriculum also keeps up to date with the latest research on child development.

Community Outreach

Community outreach plays an important part in the character development aspect of the Primrose School Franchise educational program. For instance, students in the PrimrosePrimrose School Franchise schools participate in food drives. Students are encouraged to do extra chores at home to earn money. Then they use that money to shop for things to donate.

The Primrose schools place an emphasis on teacher/parent communication. This has been proven to create continuity between the child’s education and home.

The Primrose schools offer orientation classes for the parents of new students. Parents are offered educational and parenting resources on the Primrose School franchise website. And they regularly communicate with parents through school events, conferences and newsletters.

Costs of a Primrose School Franchise

Initial start-up Expenses

The totals shown here include the Primrose School Franchise fee. When including both a day-care facility and an after school program initial expenses add up quickly. Money may be saved by renting a facility rather than building or buying and renovating. The initial expenses are expected to be from $663,000 to over $4.6 million.

The Franchise fee   

The Primrose School franchise fee is on the high end for the industry at $70,000. However, it appears the franchise owner here receives more than most competitors offer.

Royalty fees   

Royalty fees range from 2 – 7% based on monthly gross billings. New franchises have been given a 2% royalty fee for their first two years. This may or may not still be available.

Franchise Renewal

The renewal period is 10 years. Keep in mind the Franchisor is not required to renew Primrose School franchise the franchise agreement. A renewal is not guaranteed. If a franchise owner does not comply with the rules or the school’s policies the Franchisor has the option to not renew the contract.

On average, Primrose School franchise owners who have been open for a minimum of 2 years, report gross revenues of $1,536,135 and $416,998 in adjusted operating income. Income potential here is higher than most in this industry.


-        High standards backed by accreditation from AdvanceED.

-        Very good character building qualities is a healthy focus.

-        Student performance is by far higher than their peers as per the Bracken Assessment Results.

-        Failure rate at 5% is among the lowest of any franchise operation.

-        Significant long term experience.

-        Very good income is possible.

NegativesPrimrose School Franchise

-        Costs are high but so is the quality received.

-        Due to parent cost, must find a high-income territory.

Accolades to the Primrose School Franchise

Primrose is the first early childhood education organization in the United States to achieve the AdvancED Corporation Systems Accreditation. A valued accreditation  guarantees that all of the Primrose schools meet the highest quality standards of education and continually improve student learning. Each Primrose school is required to be accredited. Standards from AdvanceED are high in several areas including the education of each teacher, their professional development, the curriculum and safety.


The Primrose School Franchise appeals to professionals who want the flexibility and security of being a Primrose School franchise owner. They are looking for owners with a passion to give back to their communities in a meaningful way by enriching the lives of the children who attend their school.  Being a Primrose School franchise owner offers  the opportunity to have a positive impact on the communities served by creating jobs.

If you are passionate about children and early childhood education, being a Primrose Schools franchise owner is a very rewarding opportunity.

We believe these folks have done their homework like no other we have reviewed. The  Balanced Learning system, accreditation and assessment makes an owner’s job easier and more rewarding. With these systems in place you have a superior set of tools in place that make your offer much more appealing to parents.

Primrose Schools franchise The Primrose Schools

Disclaimer: At the Primrose School franchise it seems improvement is an overriding policy. Therefore please check with them for new policies, more improvements and up-to-date numbers.


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