Feb 19 2013
Reliv International Review

Reliv International operates in more than 20 countries with offices in Canada, Brunei, Malaysia, Phillipines, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Australia. Their main headquarters are located in Chesterfield, Missouri.

reliv-logoBob and Sandy Montgomery began Reliv International, a direct marketing / mlm compensation-based / health and wellness company just a few years after Bob’s initial retirement from the business sector of insurance sales at the age of 38. Their idea was to finish raising their children on the horse farm they had just purchased and live out the rest of their dream. It was at that time that two of their parents passed away quickly, within a short period of each other. Also, Bob was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At that time, they ran into Dr. Theodore Kalogris, also known as Dr. Ted. He presented them with information and products that would later become known as Reliv Classic. He had formulated these products himself and began distributing them to various friends and patients. Because of the success these individuals, including himself, found, he teamed up with Bob and Sandy to form Reliv International. They felt like this opportunity was too big to pass up, even if they were not in the market to start a new company. Because of his intake of Dr. Ted’s products, Bob believes that he was able to recover and bounce back from his brain surgery faster. Today, their company has grown from the three of them to over 60,000 distributors worldwide.

In addition to running the company at full speed, with new growth each day, the Montgomery’s and Reliv International are dedicated to “nourishing the world in body, mind, and spirit.” They have established the Reliv Kalogris Foundation to give hope and support to needy people around the world and offer a business opportunity to help them pursue their dreams. This program has distributed more than $26 million of nutritional support since its beginnings in 1995. Furthermore, the company has supported more than 270 food programs, and fed over 42,000 hungry people on a daily basis.

Behind the Reliv International Review of Products

reliv-productsReliv International is committed to battling hunger and malnutrition. As a result, they put a lot of money into the science behind their products. They strive to develop new products each year, have a seat on the board of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, as well as the MPSC (Missouri Plant Science Center). The company constantly seeks out new remedies and ideas to help supplement the body.

There are four areas to each health and wellness / nutritional product produced by Reliv International: bioavailability, synergism, optimal nutrition, and guaranteed quality ingredients. Each area provides something different for the product. Because the body can only utilize nutrients it’s ready to absorb, Reliv’s shakes provide those necessary nutrients and give the body access to those nutrients in each beverage or supplement. Further, the body needs combinations of vitamins and minerals in order to perform at optimal level. Again, the Reliv formulation is where it’s at. Rather than only provide the basic amounts of nutrition that the body needs, Reliv strives to go above and beyond to supercede that. Above all, Reliv is dedicated to providing guaranteed and quality products. They do trial after trial, when it comes to testing of their products. Moreover, they believe that the products must achieve a certain level of excellence before entering the market. That is what they are dedicated to.

Reliv, The Power of Soy

Besides those things, Reliv International has a vision of the importance of soy in everyone’s daily diet. The soy isoflavones accomplishes multiple tasks in one dose. This means that individuals who ingest soy products reap the benefits of a healthier heart, weight loss, improved men’s and women’s health, lower cholesterol, lessened chances of cancers in any area of the body and much more.

Soybeans are protein rich, low in calories carbohydrates. These powerhouses pack such nutrients to lower fat deposits when in-taking food, but also increasing muscle mass at the same time. These beans lower chances of breast cancer and prostate cancer. The benefits here are much greater coming from this source, because soybeans are natural and non-chemical products.

The key number to the science is to reach a daily dose of 25 grams of soy in your diet. Reliv provides numerous ways to accomplish this. They offer various products that divulge the nutritional break down in each product. Reliv Classic contains 7 grams each, Reliv Now has 7, Reliv Now for Kids has 5, ProVantage contains 13 grams, Slimplicity meal replacement has 10, and SoySentials also has 10 grams.

Why not just eat soybeans?

Well, again, this goes back to the science factor. Reliv International believes that the soybean will do wonders for your body, but adding other nutrients and vitamins will take it to an entirely new level. As a result, they have formulated multiple products, each aimed at something different, to obtain the maximum results.

If you research the Reliv International website, the number of products is a bit overwhelming. They literally have over 20 different powders, shakes, and supplements to combat the various health issues out there. Some aid in blood sugar maagement, others in cardiovascular health, some work with anti-aging and skincare, others for digestion, energy, and nutrition. Whatever your health issues, Reliv has just the product for it.

Reliv International Business Opportunity

Reliv International has a track record of about 2 decades or a little over that. This company offers the typical direct marketing opportunity. The idea is that you buy-in through one of their distributors, which makes you a distributor. You must commit to a certain amount of product purchases each month to keep your membership to sell and distribute. From there, you can grow your business via “downline” or just enjoy the benefits of good health through them. Commission percentages increase, as you sell more and more.

Is Reliv International for you?

This strictly depends on if you are the type of person that is a go-getter, willing to work extremely hard to build your “downline,” or if you are interested in these products. After all, you do have to buy a certain percentage each month. This company appears to promote a good set of core values and the products are needed, wanted, and desired in our ever-obsessed health-crazed/image-based world. If any of these things interest you, this may be the company to consider. Give Reliv International a shot!


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