Mar 19 2014
Is It Possible To Save Too Much Money?

The question of whether or not it’s possible to save too much money probably sounds ridiculous right? Believe me when I say I’ve heard people actually say this to each other! It’s unreal to think that people believe this, but at the end of the day it’s important that people understand how to save and why it’s important to save.

Right now, I can count on two hands the individuals I know personally that wish they would have been smarter about their money. It’s that feeling of a day late and dollar short, and most of all it’s about preparing ahead of time. The thing is, not everyone is aware of how much money they spend and where it goes. If we were to take a good hard look at our lives we could find plenty of loopholes where money runs out like a sieve.

It’s ludicrous to think that we can save too much money and not to mention that we believe that we have to “suffer” in a way to do it. There are tons of things we can live without, but we also need to know that there are some things we need to buy. I am going to share with you what these ideas are on what we need to buy and what we can live without in order to repair the financial damage that is killing the finances of families around the country.

Why You Can’t Save Too Much Money

For a moment, forget all you’ve heard about a savings account and just think about where we are as a country with finances. We aren’t the worst by far, but we are probably the most spoiled, wouldn’t you say? The thing is, money is a tool but we see it as a luxury item right? The idea that we cansave too much money is silly, but it’s also important that we know where to put it.

Save Too Much MoneyThis means that we need to learn more about:

  • Where our economy is
  • Where the best place is to invest money
  • How our economy functions as a whole

This is why so many people don’t understand the deeper reasons behind why the dollar is failing and what to do about it. Rather than sticking money into savings accounts, you need to be learning more about what is happening with our country and why it’s wise to buy gold. When our currency runs dry we have to go to the metals.

Think about the fact that gold is gold. Yes, its currency and not just something that looks pretty and shiny that we put into necklaces, rings, or even earrings. Gold is money to be spent, and it’s something we can spend the same no matter what country we are in. It’s amazing that more folks don’t realize this, so now is your chance!

So, can you really save money to an extreme? You can, if you are doing the wrong things with it. Focus on educating yourself about what is happening in our country, and you’ll find that the best thing you can do is not focus on save too much money, but where to take your paper money that won’t last and put it into the future!

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