Jan 11 2014
Seahawks Advance To The NFC Championship Game

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Seahawks Beat The Saints And Move Onto The NFC Championship Game

The New Orleans Saints came to the Thunderous Century Link Field; and I’m not just talking about the weather. Century Link has been the toughest place to play in the NFL.

The 12th man had a heyday in their natural element.

It was a stormy, wet, windy, Sunny, Hail, lightning, and Thunder of a game in Seattle.

The weather proved to wreak havoc on the New Orleans Saints.

Going into half time the Seahawks shut out the Saints 16-0.

The # 1 Defense in the NFL came out and no matter how hard Drew Brees tried he could not get into a timing rhythm to defeat the Seahawks.


The Physicality of Marshawn Lynch was incredible. He is the beast of all beasts. He came out in his normal beast mode fashion with a total of 140 yards rushing and two touchdowns.Marshawn

Then there was the cool leader at the helm, Russell Wilson who came and played ok today with 9/18 for 103 yards.

The Seattle fans AKA the 12th Man were out in full force. There were 2 earthquake trackers at the game to monitor the decibel noise although no records were broken.

All and all this was a Fun and physical game to watch.

Both the Saints and the Seahawks were fighting hard to get the win to advance to the NFC Championship game.

Drew Brees has had 4 seasons where he has passed for over 5000 yards and has broken the NFL record.

Was Percy Harvin the X Factor?

Percy Harvin, in his 2nd play of the game in the 1st quarter, got a huge hit which shook him up and he was escorted to the locker room.

After a few Seahawks plays Harvin ended up checking out ok and came back onto the field.
The Saints were adamant on not letting him progress throughout the game.

He did complete some catches giving him 3/21 receiving yards. He also took some incredible hits throughout the rest of the game. The 2nd quarter he took a hit and ended up having to be escorted off the field for the 2nd time where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

The way the weather was it was surprising anyone was able to produce any points.

The wind was blowing so hard at times that it actually was blowing the rain horizontally.

There were a flew plays where Russell Wilson found the ball to be slippery and chose not to throw the ball, even though he had open receivers.

There was a challengeable call with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter where there appeared to be a fumble by the Saints but for some reason or another Pete Carroll chose not to challenge the play.

The New Orleans Saints were able to score a touchdown at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

They completed the game with a total of 409 yards compared to the Seahawks who had 277.

It got really hairy at the end with the Saints driving down to score with less than 2 minutes to play with zero time outs. They then got the onside kick and tried to drive down to tie up the game but with only 30 seconds left to play they were not able to manage the clock.

The final play saw a large reception for the Saints but the receiver tried to throw the ball to another player across the field and ended up making a forward pass, which stopped the play with 2 seconds left. As a result of the penalty a 10 second run off was in order, which ended the game.

The Seahawks were able to hold the Saints and they were unable to come up with any plays big enough to make a difference. The final score was 23-15.

Next week The Seahawks will play the winner of the 49’s and Panthers game for the NFC Title on their home field at Century Link.

Seattle is now one win away from going to the Super Bowl!

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