Jan 20 2014
Seattle Seahawks win the NFC Championship


The Seattle Seahawks win the NFC Championship Game and go on to meet Denver in the SuperBowl. Going into this game many critics doubted the Seahawks offense and its ability to throw the ball. Wilson has struggled the last half of the season but it should be remembered that the running game has also picked up intensely and as a result Wilson has needed to throw a lot less.

Many people doubted Seattle would even end up in the NFC Championship game.

This NFC championship game was the best matchup in football by far. Two intense smash mouth, hard hitting, run into your face styled NFC West teams going head to head for the right to play in the Super Bowl. Easily the best rivalry in football and because of this anticipation for a great game was very high.

In San Francisco the city took off the trolleys and kept them out of the streets in anticipation of intense celebrations that might get out of control. And in Seattle police officers were reportedly dressed up as 49er fans around the city and in the stadium; this idea was meant to try and scare aggressive fans away from the idea of harassing 49er fans because they didn’t know if it was a Seattle cop or just a fan.

Earlier in the news going into the game the Facebook feed showed most of America rooting for the 49ers believing they would win and only the State of Washington and a small section of Idaho and Oregon believing the Seahawks would win the game.

The very first play of the game Wilson fumbled the ball and the 49ers got the ball on the 15 yard line.

The defense ended up holding the 49ers to a field goal on this play.

The Seattle Seahawks struggled on making any spectacular plays until Doug Baldwin caught a 51 yard catch bringing the Seahawks to the red zone.

The niners held the Seattle Seahawks and forced them to a field goal for 3 points.

The first half was brutal for the Hawks offense but the defense like usual held the opponent to a minimal lead giving Russell Wilson and the offensive time to improve their strategies.

The 2nd half ended with the Seahawks at 3 and niners 10

Wilson had 5 pass attempts in the entire 1st half and the hawks had a total of 126 total yards.

Colin Kaepernick had 101 rushing yards in the first half.

The Seahawk’s offense struggled to hold the niners defense who continued to put pressure on Wilson.

The second half the niners turned the ball over 4 times.  The turnovers are what won the championship game for the Seahawks and caused the 49er’s to lose the game.

The Seattle defense was explosive like they usually are. Once Seattle started putting pressure on the niners offensive, Kaepernick fell apart. He knew he needed to start making plays so he forced the issue on several passes which Seattle intercepted and was stripped in the pocket twice.

The 49ers kept the game going down to the final drive of the game. With 3 minutes left Kaepernick drove down to Seattle’s Red Zone, down by six they needed a touchdown for the game win.

With 22 seconds in the game Kaepernick threw a pass into the end zone which was deflected up in the air by Richard Sherman and Malcolm Smith came down with the interception.sherman crabtree

After the play Sherman went up to Crabtree and said something which caused Crabtree to shove Sherman’s helmet with his hand.  That caused a personal foul against Seattle which was assessed after the Hawks took possession on the interception. Then Wilson kneeled a couple times to end the game.

This NFC Championship game was a complete nail biter from the beginning.

It was intensely stressful the entire game, with neither side ever taking complete control of the match up.

Seahawks have won their last 7 games at home.   Playing at home was a huge advantage for the Hawks going into the playoffs. And this game undoubtedly was affected by the 12th man and because of them the Hawks are going to the Super Bowl.the number 12 fans

The Seahawks defense was able to hold the niners until the end of the game.  It was another physical game played by both teams.

This NFC Championship game came down to inches and was a great game to watch.  The hype lived up to all the talk.  For the highlights click here.

This game was so intense that could have just as well been the Super bowl game.superbowl 1

Now that the Seattle Seahawks win the NFC Championship game It will be an exciting match up in Super Bowl XLVIII where the Seattle Seahawks will meet the Denver Broncos.

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