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SELF DEFENSEIn this country’s current political and economic climate, with high unemployment, high for  crime rate, and civil unrest, it is very important that you have a method for self and home defense.  But what is the best way you to do this?  In this series of articles, I will provide my insight on what is the best method to answer this very important question that may have such an impact on your life.

 People are being mugged, robbed and killed in the streets of America everyday, not only at night, but in the streets in broad daylight. Everyday, small mom and pop stores are being held up and the owners beaten, shot and killed for a few dollars, also putting the customers in danger.  Homes are being broken into to be robbed during the day and at night, sometimes with the owners in the home, thus putting everybody in the home in danger.  The statistics from the FBI show that in 2012, there were 14,612 murders, 83,425 rapes, 354,396 robberies, and 752,131 aggravated assaults.


What is the best form of self defense to protect yourself and your family when out of PROTECTIONFAMILYthe home?  The use of Martial Arts; a handgun; knife; baton; pepper spray; stun gun; taser; personal alarm; or tactical pens?  There are so many different methods and each has a useful advantage and a disadvantage: the martial arts, knife, baton, pepper spray, and tactical pens require that you and the attacker must be within very close range, a few feet, which is a great DISADVANTAGE.  The gun, taser and personal alarm can be used at a greater range, normally 5 to 25 feet, which is a much greater ADVANTAGE.  With the handgun, the attacker can be disabled without him getting within range to hurt you or your family.

The taser is a “one shot” weapon that shoots two darts that connected to the hand held device by two thin wires that deliver a very high voltage to the attacker, if you hit him with both darts; and may or may not disable the attacker for a few moments; then you can call the police for help. The “personal alarm” will provide a very loud alarm to call attention to your problem that may or may not be heard to get you help.  The attacker will hear the alarm and may or may not run from you; or he maybe really ticked off and attacks you with greater force; you still need help to come to your aid.  That leaves the handgun.  Citizens choose to arm themselves with a handgun for the same reason that the police do: To protect themselves and others from others from DEADLY DANGER.


In the face of a lethal attack, the number one goal is the protection and survival of you and your family.  Reliability is the number one aspect to look at when selecting a handgun for personal or home defense.  You must ask yourself, are you ready to kill another person in order to protect yourself or your family?  Carrying a concealed weapon to protect yourself or family is not for everyone. Deadly Force should be used only as the last resort, when only when nothing else will work. However, the use of deadly force is the only way to save your own life or the life of your family.

The time to think about your ability to use Deadly Force to take someones life is before you take up a gun for self defense, when you can consider it in the quiet of your home, with ample time to ponder it and ask questions of yourself.  Taking the life of another person is a life changing event; for you, your family and the family of the person who was killed.   YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF: CAN I PULL THE TRIGGER?

Why should you carry a CONCEALED WEAPON? You carry because bad things can happen to good people; anywhere, anytime.  Most states now issue “shall issue” carry permits, which allow more citizens to legally carry concealed weapons for protection on American streets, thus, criminals cannot know who is armed and who is not.  This deters criminals, and contributes to the decreasing trends in violent crimes nationwide.  Besides, carrying a gun is easier that carrying a cop.  Guns in the hands of a responsible person can be just as effective against an attack as guns in the hands of trained police.  Violent crime has gone down in the United States for the last several decades, while the number of guns in civilian hands has gone up.  In is interesting to note that the major cities that have the strictest gun laws; Chicago, New York and Los Angles also have the highest murder rates.


There are many things that must be considered before you decide to purchase a handgun as a concealed carry weapon  for your personal defense: (1) what type of handgun to carry: revolver or semi-automatic pistol; (2)  what caliber of handgun: .45, .357, 9mm, .380, .32, .25, or .22, (3) what type of ammunition: full metal jacket (FMJ), sometimes called “ball” or hollow point, which causes greater damage once inside the body, thus greater stopping power, (4)  what type of holster to carry the weapon, (5) how will you carry your weapon Inside the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist Band (OWB), an ankle holster, or in a shoulder holster, and (6) the most important factor is the LEGAL ASPECTS of the Federal, state, and local lawsThe state laws for concealed carry vary from state-to-state as do the local city laws, and must be considered when carrying a concealed weapon for the defense of yourself and your family.  All of these issues will be discussed in greater detail later in these articles.


Selecting the caliber of the handgun you wish to use should be considered with great care.  The smaller caliber weapons; .22, .380, 9mm, and etc. generally result in a higher bullet velocity, lower recoil, which allows for a faster follow-up for your next shots, higher capacity magazines for the smaller framed guns.  The higher capacity is achieved by dual stacking the rounds in the magazine.  However, this dual stacking makes for a thicker hand grip, that may cause the gun not fit well for people with small hands.  The larger caliber handguns, such as the: .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, feature slower bullets that have increased overall diameter, thus allowing for a larger initial wound.  The heavier the bullet and generally high muzzle velocity, increased recoil, thus resulting in slower follow-up shots and with the larger bullets, means lower capacity magazines. These larger caliber bullets also tend to have a very high penetration power of being able to go drywall in a home or apartment and hit someone in another room, and may go through several rooms, before hitting a solid object and stopping.

The most crucial factor in determining factor what caliber you will choose is how accurate and comfortable you are with any particular caliber.  Some experts in self defense, state that the .380 ACP or 9mm, as the minimum for adequate self defense.  The best advice is to look at the various handgun books and magazines to get a feel for what type of weapon you want to carry and how you would like to carry it.


Double Action Revolver

Double Action Revolver

Reliability is the most attractive feature of the revolver.  The modern double action revolver is a very safe handgun to use.  It is simple to use, easy to learn to use, capable of excellent accuracy and when loaded with modern ammunition designed for self defense, will give excellent service for concealed carry.  The revolver is as simple to use as; pick up a loaded gun, disengage the safety, if applicable, aim, and pull the trigger, and it will fire.  The revolver can be chambered for much more powerful calibers than the semi-autos; you can get .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.  These are very popular and pack a great deal of energy when fired, have very large recoil.  Did you ever see the movies with Dirty Harry with his S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum?  The main disadvantage of the revolver is its low capacity of five or six rounds and due to the large size of the cylinder makes these handguns harder to carry concealed.  The revolver also has a relative slow reload time and can be difficult in times of stress, even with a speed loader.  The revolver can be used in almost any caliber, with .38, .38 Special, .32, and .45 being the most popular.


The semi-automatic pistol can be found with the most calibers of: .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm,

Semi-automatic pistol

Semi-automatic pistol

.380, .32, .25, and .22.  The main advantages of the semi-auto are the larger ammunition capacity, from 7-18 rounds, faster reloads, and greater ease of concealment.  As the semi-autos do not have the large cylinders, it is flatter and a little easier to conceal than the revolver.  The major disadvantage of the semi-auto is in having more moving parts, there are more things that can go wrong and thus have a greater tendency to malfunction than the revolver.  However, with the modern production techniques, proper training and proper maintenance, these pistols are capable of having great reliability and are widely used as concealed carry weapons.  Once you determine what gun you would like to carry, you need to go to a shooting range that will allow you to rent a pistol to shoot various pistols to ensure that you try out the weapon you like and it will work for you, before you buy it.  Things that you should consider are: how the gun fits in your hand, how the gun feels in your hand, how do the sights line up for your eyesight (do you ware glasses?), and how you plan on carrying the weapon.  These handguns vary in size from a small Ruger LC9, which will fit in the palm of your hand to a full size of a 1911 auto in .45 ACP, which are rather large and heavy to carry.  The semi-automatic pistol is the most popular handgun for concealed carry.  For more information, continue with Part 2 of this series.  Click below.








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