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There are basically two different types of home invaders.  Those that break in during the day and those that breaks in at night.  The ones that break in during the day are normally very professional in that they will pick a middle class neighbor hood and will case several houses on several streets.  They will note when people come and go into the various homes; if they have dogs, if they have alarms and is someone home during the day.  They will go to the door and ring the bell to see if anyone is home.  If no one is home; there are no signs of a dog or alarm; this is a good choice to hit.  When they hit, they will back a moving van to the house and break in and clean out the house within a few hours.  They know no one is home and when the people are due back home.    The home invaders that break in during the night will also look for a home that does not have a “Security Alarm Installed” sign; sign of no dogs, and not well lighted. These invaders do not care if someone in home or not.  They just want to break in and grab what valuables they can and get out.  However, there are some invaders that will attack the people in the home, if they get in the way.  They may want cash and will confront the people in the home to get the cash and valuables and may even attack the women in the home.


The major goal of Home Defense (This link will take you to Part 2) is to protect you and your family from home intruders.

First step is to ensure that you have installed a good home security alarm system that monitors all entrances to your home:  all doors and windows must be monitored.  The home should also have installed exterior motion detector lights that will light on all outside doors and windows away from the street.  You can also place “HOME SECURITY ALARM INSTALLED” signs in your front and back yards.

Second, “BEWARE OF DOG” signs are also an excellent idea.  Having a dog inside your home, that will bark and make noise when someone outside is also an excellent idea.  However, you can use the signs even if you do not have a dog.

Third, good locks on ALL EXTERIOR DOORS and WINDOWS are a must!  Dead bolt locks on all exterior doors are also a must.  You should also replace the exterior door hinge screws that go into the wood door jam and the screws that hold the strike plate for the door lock, with 2 ½-3 inch wood screws. The dead bolt locks and the longer wood screws will greatly impede the “kicking in the door”.


Home Security Alarms are of no value if they are NOT activated.  During a recent survey at a gun show, homeowners were asked if they had home security had alarms.  Sixty percent stated that they had home security alarms.  Of these homeowners, when asked how many activated their alarms everyday, only forty percent stated that they activated their alarms everyday. These alarms are of no value if they are not activated!


You need to develop a Home Security Plan and your whole family needs to know what to do when the security alarms sounds.  The family should all go to one room that can be defended to not allow intruders in.  When someone, or several persons, breaks into your home; the primary goal is to keep the whole family safe.  At the first sound of the security alarm, someone MUST CALL 911! The family should go to the designated room that can be defended.  For example, all go to the Master Bedroom, as the designated “safe room”, and wait for the police to come and secure the home.  If there is no security alarm or the alarm is not activated and there is a noise downstairs that may indicate that someone has broken into the home, then someone needs to CALL 911 and someone must gather everyone in the home and get them to the “safe room”.  Once 911 is called, the caller must stay on the line.

While in the safe room, with the family inside, lock and barricade the door and arm yourself and be ready to SHOOT anyone that breaks into the room. YOU MUST NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING THIS ROOM AND GOING AFTER THE INTRUDERS.   Remember, your mission is to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY.  Let the intruders steal anything they want!  DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM TO TRY AND PROTECT ANY PROPERTY!  You do not want to shoot anyone over a TV set.  You can only legally shoot an intruder into your home, if your life or the life of any family member is in grave DANGER. Check the state and local laws for your location to ensure what the laws cover for this situation.


The best weapon for Home Defense is a debate that will go on forever.  Some experts state that a PISTOL is best and others state that a long gun, shotgun or rifle is best. The “normal” range that the weapon would be needed for home defense to shoot is about 15-20 feet, or lessThe “BEST” weapon that you select for your home defense MUST meet that following criteria:

                                 HANDGUNS FOR HOME DEFENSE

-RELIABILITY: the weapon must be able to fire when needed.

-EASE OF USE: the weapon must easy to use by all adults in the family; your spouse and any child over the age of 14 years old.  (What if the alarm sounds when you are not home?).  The weapon must be stored in a secure, safe place when not in use.  There are many good gun safes that can be used.  The safe must be strong and secure enough to keep children from gaining access to the weapons, but yet allow easy access when needed in an emergency.

-STOPPING POWER: the weapon must be have excellent stopping power to ensure that If the intruder breaks into your room, that they can be stopped before THEY can harm anyone in the room.



After a review and discussions with several weapons experts, the “best weapon” for home defense is the shotgunThe best shotgun for use is either a MOSSBERG or REMINGTON youth model shotgun in 20 gauge with an 18.5 inch barrel, using Number 4 buck shot.  Either of these two shotguns is excellent.  The youth model is chosen because it is lighter and shorter than a regular 12 gauge shotgun.  This allows the smaller persons, females and teenage children, to use the shotgun with ease, as the 20 gauge has a much less “kick” than the 12 gauge and therefore easier to shoot.  The use of Number 4 buck shot is best for home defense as these pellets are larger than bird or shot used for “sport shooting, trap or skeet”, but smaller than the slugs or 00 or 0 shot, bUCKSHOT SIZESwhich with larger pellets, have a smaller number of pellets in each shotgun shell.There is a myth that you do not need to aim a shotgun, just point in the general direction and shoot, and you will hit your target.  To test this myth, you need to take your shotgun and with a box of No. 4 buck shot to a gun range that allows shotguns and shoot at targets at ranges of 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet and 25 feet.  Notice the size of the patterns at these different ranges.  You will be surprised at how relative small these patterns are.  Now compare these patterns at the estimated ranges you will be shooting in your home.  This will tell you how close you really need to aim the shotgun to hit and stop your target.

You can get these shotguns in either pump or auto loader.  You can also attach a flash light to aid you in finding your target in a low light room.  Once you have chosen your shotgun, everyone that is expected to use the shotgun, should go to the range and practice, practice using the shotgun to ensure that they all can use the shotgun with ease, with proper training.  Only with proper planning, training and practice will you and your family be ready to defend your home and themselves.


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