Mar 28 2014


The Law RulesOne of the most important factors in deciding to arm yourself for the defense of yourself and your home, is that of the LEGAL ASPECTS of owning  and having a gun in your home. Self and Home Defense     (link will take you back to Part 1) is very important and can cause many legal hardships to persons that legally own and use a firearms in their self defense or in the defense of their family and home.  There have been hundreds of cases where a person has been attacked either in their home or on the street; and the person attacked drew a legally concealed carry weapon and fired and killed the attacker.  The police NEVER filed a legal charges against the shooter, as they considered the shooting “justified self defense”BUT the family of the attacker filed a “wrongful death suit” against the shooter.  Now the shooter MUST spend thousands of dollars to defend himself in court. This whole process many take many, many months to settle.Under Arrest

This also impacts law enforcement officers.  Usually the situation involves a police shooting, where a police officer shoots someone multiple times.  After the internal police investigation and the police officer’s shooting  was determined that he lawfully fired his weapon in self defense; soon after, the community activists come out of their holes, claiming that the police officer used “excessive force”.  Then the wrongful death lawsuits begin.


Defense in CourtIt is very important that the firearm owner become very familiar with ALL OF THE FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL LAWS that pertain to the ownership, carrying, home storage, and transporting of firearms.  You should contact a knowledgeable attorney in your area on firearm laws to determine what the legal requirements are for self and home defense.

Most licensed Firearm Training Professionals provide training in the safe use of all firearms, how to properly use and train you in all aspects of self and home defense.  Most of this training will also include the deadly force decision-making and the use of deadly force.  This training which is based on the same state statutes that apply to all self-defense cases in your state, teach that the goal of DEADLY FORCE is to STOP THE THREAT!


The justification for the use of Deadly Force states, that deadly force can be used Ready to Shootagainst “any action which has caused or imminently threatens to cause death or great bodily harm to you or another person or persons.”  DEADLY FORCE is defined as “the use of a firearm or other instrument–the use of which would cause a high probability of death.”

I am not “SHOOTING TO KILL”. I am just SHOOTING to STOP THE THREAT!  As stated above, the goal is to stop the threat.  Once the threat is STOPPED YOU MUST STOP USING DEADLY FORCE!  Law-in-enforcement officers are trained to keep shooting until the threat IS stopped.  The threat stops when the “attacker” can no longer provide a danger to any person.


After the shooting takes place and the attacker threat has be stopped, YOU MUST REMAIN BEHIND COVER IN YOUR SAFE PLACE, CALL 911, AND WAIT FOR THE POLICE ARRIVE.  When the police arrive, you must be able to tell the police that you fired you weapon in SELF-DEFENSE ONLY UNTIL THE THREAT STOPPED!  If you are answering questions, make sure you are doing so with your attorney present.  If the question is asked, “WHY DID YOU SHOOT HIM SIX TIMES?”  THE CORRECT RESPONSE IS, “I FIRED UNTIL MY ATTACKER WAS NO LONGER A THREAT.  THEN I STOPPED FIRING”

YOU must first of all protect your self and your family.  You shoot until the threat is no longer a threat; this can be one or until the mag/cylinder is empty.  But once the threat has been stopped, YOU MUST STOP SHOOTING, as deadly force is no longer authorized.

It is not just a right, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW ALL OF THE LAWS OF YOUR STATE AND LOCAL COMMUNITY TO LEGALLY PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY! You need to get professional legal advise on all of the laws that pertain to the your self defense and the defense of your family.  You also need to get professional training on all aspects of firearm safety and you and your family MUST practice, practice on all of the FIREARMS that you own and PLAN to use in order to ENSURE THE SAFETY OF ALL FAMILY MEMBERS.

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