Apr 17 2014
How To Sell Network Marketing, by M. Oliver a Review

Michael Oliver’s book How to sell Network Marketing,without fear anxiety,or losing your friends is a breath of fresh air. Although this was written it 2002 I would consider it a must read, must learn, for anyone involved in one on one selling today. This book is directed to network marketers, but its truths are universal and his methodologies can be creatively adapted into any environment where you can or have listened. Oliver has coined and copyrighted the phase “Natural Selling” to encompass his process.

Principle 1; Helping Other People

Solve Their Problems

“Find a need and fill it.” -Henry Kaiser

Henry J. Kaiser amassed a great fortune following that simple formula. So can we, if we ask the the right questions, listen to the answers and keep drilling down until we discover the real need, not the symptoms. Oliver teaches us how to find that need. What the questions need to be asked, what order they should be asked,and when to ask them.

Principle 2: Listening To What Is Being Meant,

Not Just What Is Being Said

“Why” am I talking to this prospect or prospective partner? The classic answer is “to get them on board” or to “sell them my product, after all everyone needs this”. Although Oliver recognizes that knowledge of the product; its features and benefits is essential, our approach and intentions will seriously limit our sales and greatly increase your rejections if we employ that classic intention. If our intention is changed to find out what the persons problem is and not just the symptoms (through their own explanation) , then we are on the right track, but not there yet.

Principle 3: How To Ask The Right Questions At The Right Time

Most of us want to interrupt and blurt out our pitch at the first possible moment. As my Granddaddy would say “hold your water”. Oliver says the same thing more elegantly, with sound reasoning, and provides the proper time to make the pitch and how. This brings us to Oliver’s;

Principle 4: Feeding Back What You Think You Heard They Want


This is where we make sure we are on the right track and allows the potential partner the opportunity to revisit his/her problem while we tailor our solution for them. Ours is a presentation and they will sell themselves while we offer an opportunity to take the next step.

Although I highly recommend this book, it took me awhile to become accustom to the writing style and to figure out where the author was going. It seemed fragmented at first with a lot thrown at me. My advice to the reader is to persist and read the whole book. It has some amazing wisdom in those pages and the author’s conversion and opt in rates inspire a desire to master what is taught.



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