Aug 25 2014
Sexual Addiction: A Woman’s Battle To Self-Worth

Steve Arterburn shares how women battle with pornography and the importance guarding against it.

Sexual Addiction – A Woman’s Battle to Self-Worth

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One of the most talked about topics lately on the media, radio, television, and the internet is on Sexual Addiction among women.  When you stop and think about that topic you have to realize that to even speak about sex in the past centuries was very taboo and even the mere mention of  the word sex; especially among men and women, would place you in shackles and even imprisoned.  Public display or visual nudity; even though the practice was going on, still it was never talked about or discussed in public; only in private.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why should we even bring up such a personal and sensitive subject to write about”?  Probably the more important question to pose  to you is, “Why Not talk about it?”.

In this writers opinion I believe we need to bring this out in the open and air out the cobwebs on the porn industry.  Too many innocent people; men, women and even children are exposed to this addiction that is rapidly  increasing; no thanks to the World-Wide-Web to more and more sexual violence and criminal offense.

Are you aware that there is a higher percentage now a days of sexual addictions of females as with males that lead to sexual assaults and eventually rape? That’s a fact!  So we have to ask ourselves what caused this sense of violence and degradation of women in the sex industry?  We will explore this sexual violence and criminologykore  in a later article).

History of Pornography

photo of ladie

Let’s take a journey back to the later years and discover where it all started from in the first place in order to see how to control this beast called “pornography”.It is highly likely that porn appeared on the early days of the human history. Researchers discovered rock paintings demonstrating what we know as coitus (sexual intercourse) between ancient people together with petroglyphs (disambiguation) know as rock engravings which are pictogram and logogram images created by removing part of a rock surface by picking, chiseling, incising or abrasing . It is not clear if that was porn or not, but those drawings could not be considered erotic as they were done in a primitive and dirty manner.


The word “porn” meaning “indecent pictures” or “depiction of whores” came from Greeks who painted such frescos on the walls of their brothels or sex houses. In a word, such pictures were wonderful advertising of homes where women sold their love to Greeks for money. (isn’t that a shocker!)


Raphael's erotic Fresco painting in the Vatican

painting from Raphael’s Frescos painting in the Papel Room Vatican

Christianity prohibited depicting anything but saints within several centuries. But it is quite natural that the fact changed neither the quality nor the quantity of sex services. The art of porn flourished in the during the Renaissance period. In factin 1516 Rafael’s apprentice Julio Romano had quarreled with Pope Clemens VII about that very topic, so they say that In revenge, the artist painted an entire hall in the Vatican and the ‘bathroom’ with porn frescos.  It is called the Stufetta della Bibbiena, the “small heated room of Cardinal Bibbiena,” after the worldly official who commissioned the work that was done.

image of fesco painting

A Frescos pigmented painting


Now fresco is a pigment that is mixed with water of room temperature on a thin layer of wet, fresh plaster, for which the Italian word for plaster, intonaco, is used.

The frescos gave rise to a terrible scandal that spread about the whole of Europe. Before the scandalous frescos were removed some crafty painters made gravures of them. It is known that gravures allow making as many copies as needed. And this is how porn spread about Europe as a result of the scandal, plus the spreading was even more successful thanks to the technological progress.

Now of course at the end of the 18th century, France become the leading country with regards to the spread of pornographic pictures. Porn became an element of playing-cards, posters, post cards and so on. However too many people during that time when luid pictures of naked men and women were scandalous, and the campaigns against porn pictures started in the 19th centure, those people that were caught spreading porn were then brought to court and were obliged to pay a helfty fine.

Today, their works are no revolt indeed, which proves that civilization has fixed stunning progress since that epoch. It was because of the same reason that books by Joyce, Henry Miller and Nabokov’s Lolita were declared as prohibited along with others.

naked woman from the 1900

depiction of a daguerreotype photo of 1900′s

The First Porn

The first porn daguerreotype appeared in 1855, and the first porn film was made in a year after the Lumiere brothers invented cinema. That was the appearance of porn business.

Porn is well and truly part of mainstream culture — and it is no longer hidden behind neon-lit shop fronts and brown paper bags. With the development of new technologies, accessing pornography is cheap, quick, easy and anonymous; in fact, it is estimated that one-third of United States adults are consumers of porn.
The majority of this material is people expressing their sexual fantasies in a private way, but also in a public arena. However, porn that would have been labelled hard core back in the ’1970s is now more likely to be considered soft-core today and considered the norm. Recent research shows that acts of aggression against women are a commonplace in the porn industry.

In defending their industry, many accuse the ‘‘anti-porn brigade’’ of focusing only on particularly violent examples of pornography. A recent study published in the journal Violence Against Women, however, has analyzed the best-selling porn videos in order to see just how widespread and routine the degradation of women in pornography has become.

This research has discovered that physical aggression was present in 88 per cent of sexual scenes. Of these 88 %, there was an average of 12 aggressive acts per scene. In addition, name-calling occurred in about half of all scenes before and after performing sexual acts.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the perpetrators of violent acts were most commonly men, while the aggressions of their targets of violence were nearly always against women. That is outrageous and degrading towards the female population of this planet. In almost every case, women were shown reacting to aggressive acts with pleasure or neutrality, enforcing the idea that women enjoy being dominated or degraded during sex. Nothing could be farther from the truth!
Sexual acts that women would typically find painful to perform or degrading were common in the films and videos being analyzed. Boston sociology professor Gail Dines has previously reflected on this particular sequence and noted that the brutality of the industry has become such that most porn actresses have as they say a‘ ‘shelf life’’ of around three months before falling apart. Why is that you may ask? Well it’s because their bodies are so physically damaged by the aggressive acts towards them that they physically can handle the brutality of the aggressive sexual act.

Let me be fair in saying that no one is suggesting that men who sit down to watch porn actually go out afterwards to assault or rape women. However, an increase of degradation of women in the porn industry means we run the risk of becoming more desensitized to visual depictions of sexual violent acts of aggression. We also raise the very real possibility that a generation of young men and women will come to view the humiliation of women as a normal part of sex. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For women, sex with a partner that respects them is much more rewarding and pleasurable than having a male masculine figure hovering over you and demanding you to perform something that your body was not intended for by God originally.

It would be foolish of me to to claim that porn has no effect on our society as a whole. Pornography has effected societies throughout the world for decades upon decades and unfortunately is here to stay. Though the increasing expectation of younger women (and to a lesser extent, men) to portray the characters on film and videos in acting in a way that reflects the so-called ‘‘porn aesthetic’’, non today as the popularity of ‘‘sexting’’ plus the increasing uptake of practices such as labioplasty.

What is labioplasty? is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (outer labia), the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. There are two main categories of women seeking cosmetic genital surgery: those with congenital conditions such as intersex, and those with no underlying condition who experience physical discomfort or wish to alter the appearance of their genitals because they believe they do not fall within a normal range.[1] These are just a few examples of porn concepts that have made the leap into mainstream culture.

So when we fantasize about wanting to intentionally hurt women during the sexual act, our real relationships in the home suffer greatly.  When we have to gain sexual arousal from debasement of women (even fictional), it changes the way that we view men and women together and the beauty of sex, individually as a society.
But for all the disturbing facts in the recent research, perhaps the most shocking but yet depressing statistic was that kissing, hugging or laughing was depicted in only 10 per cent of sex scenes. This statistic alone should be enough to make us want to challenge and change the so called‘‘porn norm’’ so that it may include some of the positive representations of women in the bedroom, of intimacy, trust and respect.

written by Jack Graham

Sexual Addiction: A Woman’s Battle To Self-Worth – Part 2

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