Jul 18 2014
SGR and ICD-10 Update

This SGR and ICD-10 update speaks for itself.  These are reasons why our healthcare system will be in a lot of pain shortly. Many other mandates are coming down the road with the ACA. Wait and see.  They are law and will be very difficult to change.

These changes will affect the small private practices mostly. These are your doctors that are trying to survive all the changes in healthcare delivery most of whom have been in practice  for a long time.

The  patients with a long term relationship with their doctors will be the most affected as they will lose these doctors, forced out of the system if they can’t maintain their billing systems and upgrade to ICD-10.



About Bill Kirmes

As a physician whose been in practice for over 30 years as a self employed doctor he sees patients with both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. He enjoys gardening and riding a Harley and he's President of his local Kiwanis club. He's involved in internet marketing as a transition from medicine.

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