Jul 22 2014
Shark Week on Discovery Channel is Back

What is Shark Week?

Not to be confused with the T.V. show Shark Tank,  Shark Week is a T.V. show that is put on by The Discovery Channel. It is a weeklong series that is dedicated to sharks.

shark weekThe show was first broadcast on  July 17, 1987.  Shark Week was originally developed to help raise awareness and respect for sharks.  Currently the show is the longest running cable T.V. show in history.  The show is now broadcast in 72 countries.  The show has grown in popularity each year and currently there are approximately 27.6 million people that watch the show.

When Is Shark Week On?

Shark Week is normally shown in the summer months usually in July or August. This year, 2014, it will be broadcast the week starting Sunday August 10 2014.

Some Shark facts

There are over one hundred different species of catsharks

Swell Sharks puff themselves up like balloons. This doubles their size and keeps predators at bay. When they release the air it sounds like a bark.

The gestation period for a pregnant female shark can range from five months to two years

Pygmy sharks are among the tiniest in the world. They measure an average of 8 inches in length and can make their own light

A great white shark bite has 1.8 tons of force, but its prehistoric relative, the Megalodon used up to 18.2 tons of force

The prehistoric shark Megalodon is popularized today as the largest shark ever

Bull sharks swim where people swim in shallow, fresh water. Bulls swam in Lake Pontchartrain after Hurricane Katrina

Great whites are the most notorious man-eaters. But they do not like the taste of humans, often biting and releasing attack victims

Swimming in cold water helps boosts the odds of surviving a shark attack. Cold water drops your body temperature which, will slow your blood loss

Endangered oceanic whitecap sharks are vulnerable to overfishing because their large fins are used in shark fin soup.

Thresher sharks can hit their prey with their long tails, slapping fish to death

Bull Sharks are known as the wastebaskets of the sea because they’ve been found withbull shark human garbage in their stomachs

Whale sharks are the world’s biggest fish, with big families too. One whale shark can give birth to 300 live shark pups in one litter

A Blue Shark, to show his romantic interest, will bite a female really hard. Many shark species use this mating technique.

In many shark species the female shark is larger than the male shark.

Recreational shark fishing wasn’t popular until the 1975 premiere of Jaws, after which people wanted to snag a “man-eating” great white

Sharks can travel 100′s of miles in a day.

The number 1 predator of sharks, is humans. But killer Whales, Crocodiles, and Seals have been known to eat them as well.

The life of a Salmon shark is estimated between 30-40 years.

shark attackSharks will attack surfers because their surfboards resemble seals

Volusia County, Florida has had more shark attacks than anywhere else in the world. There have been 210 attack since 1882.

In World War II the USS Indianapolis was attacked by a shark stranding 900 sailors in the Philippene sea near Guam for 4 days

Why are Sharks important?

They keep populations of smaller fish in check. Without Sharks, entire ecosystems are disrupted.

Shark week is so popular that there have been numerous fans that have created a shark week drinking game.

Are you ready for the next Shark Week?



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