Oct 2 2014
Simon Sinek Leadership How Natures Drugs Help Make Great Leaders

Simon Sinek Leadership talk is one of the best if not THE best I have ever  seen and heard on leadership. This video can impact your household and your business, small or large. I am so impressed by this talk that I placed it on my calendar to review each month.

Let me introduce you to Simon and his work and his Leadership video.

Simon Sinek Leadership and Why Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek Leadership

Simon opens his leadership video with a story of a pilot, code name, Johnny Bravo. In a very dangerous situation Johnny Bravo lays down suppressive fire to protect 26 soldiers from certain death. Runs out of amo and . . . . You may have heard this story on another video but the rest of this talk is about 5 amazing drugs our body produces. These drugs can be the cause of great leaders or of people that are not so good. You choose!

These drugs are produced in our bodies naturally and released under certain situations or events. When properly used they are your friends and your path to top quality leadership.

Although this Simon Sinek leadership video is rather lengthy it’s worth every illustration and every story. This study does not speak of leadership as a position gained but as a choice made. Simon Sinek leadership is a decision and comes about by how we treat people. By simply looking after the person on our left and by caring for the person on our right we can quickly become leaders. This applies at home, in business or in the work place.

By the same token the proper care of people can produce amazing environments of belonging and safety.

Simon Sinek Leadership

Simon Sinek Leadership Challenge

Take the time to watch this video and find 3 elements that you can implement in your life today. This is the challenge. Apply these 3 elements of leadership in your home, and at work or in your business, and . . . watch the changes in yourself and in others. If you’re like me you’ll notice positive changes almost immediately. At home family members will have a greater sense of belonging and a feeling of greater safety. The same is true in your business which will produce results that positively impact employees and customers alike.

Simon Sinek Leadership as seen in his Golden Circle

Simon Sinek leadership starts with his Golden Circle and “WHY”. Simon believes that very few people and companies know WHY they do what they do. They know What they do, fewer know How they do it. But the Why is the key component that drives the What and How but it is often ignored.

Discover Your Why as a path to Real Simon Sinek Leadership

To Discover Your Why is a freeing experience that will probably change your life. It has changed mine! You will know your purpose in life and be able to state it in one simple sentence. Then by living out that purpose your life will have much greater impact in this world. This will especially be true when you help others do the same.

Simon Sinek Leadership

The supreme quality for LEADERSHIP is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible.

To Discover Your Why let me invite you to the center of where all this comes together, i.e., The Champion Movement. There are several resources here to serve, encourage and lift people up, like us, so that we can empower others. I believe you will appreciate the team work evident here. My hope is that by sharing this video you will be impacted to new heights of leadership in your life. Or, you will share this with friends and family who will use the material in meaningful ways.

I would love to hear your feedback about this video. You can contact me at The Champion Movement or email me at: joevout@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Simon Sinek LeadershipSimon Sinek Leadership

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