Aug 23 2014
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A Review of Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” Thinking

The Simon Sinek Ted video is becoming more popular with each passing day. With over 3 million views that means Simon Sinek is becoming more popular. Why? “Why” is in fact the core of his thinking and of his popularity.

Simon’s approach to business and leadership is more of a discovery than a new concept. He points out that every company knows what they do. However, many do not know the how of their company and very few know the why of their business. His discovery is that those who do know and communicate their why often excel.

The core of Simon Sinek’s message is centered on the question, “why?”. Why gets at a cause or purpose or belief of an action, or of a company. His point is that talking about the “why” of a company can be much more beneficial than talking about the “how” or the “what” of a business. The “why” inspires trust. This In turn builds relationships and comradery. He named this approach the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle includes: Why, How and What. The approach of most successful businesses is in that order, they start with Why. Most businesses start with what they do and often do not even consider Why. All must be in balance but a constant flow of WHY talk is most effective.

Here we present an overview of Simon Sinek’s thinking with his most popular videos. By watching these few minutes of video one will have:

  1.  A clear understanding of what Simon’s “WHY” is about, and
  2. The Simon Sinek Ted video, along with a few others, will help decide whether or not more of Simon Sinek‘s thinking could be helpful. They will also help determine if reading his books may or may not be beneficial.

Simon Sinek TED Video: Start With Why

The Simon Sinek TED video is the first video we recommend. The Simon Sinek TED 18 minute video tells of the heart of Simon’s message and the core of his first book which was first published 2009. The book is: Start With Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action.

This Simon Sinek TED video is the speech he gave in September 2010 at the TED meeting in Puget Sound, Washington. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

TED is a prestigious group where up-and-coming leaders are invited to make a keynote presentation within 18 minutes. Following is the Simon Sinek TED speech; How Great Leaders Inspire Action. This is the second most viewed TED talk

Simon has written two books on his Start With Why approach and is the focal personality in well over two hundred videos. Many of the videos are interviews or talks he has given. And, many do have repetitive information. We have selected some of the most viewed and what we believe to be the most interesting – see below.

The books he wrote are excellent and are the topic of many of the videos. His first book provides the basis for his many talks, coaching and business consulting. His premise is that by starting with “Why”, or the cause, purpose or belief of a business, others of like mind will more easily follow. His second book is: Leaders Eat Last, Why some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.

Why list these  videos?  Many people have left comments saying they have watched more of Simon speaking on video than any other speaker. Many of these same people agree that his talks have had unprecedented impact in their lives. And, here we provide an easy starting place to see what these folks are talking about. The red headings are titles of the video presented.

CEOTalks: Simon Sinek Speech 2013

With the popularity of the Simon Sinek TED talk Next Jump invited Simon to speak at their CEOTalk program. Here is an expansion on the TED talk above with a peak at his second book.

Published on Aug 20, 2013     13,200   48.22 minutes

Leaders Eat Last, Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.

Simon’s second book is for leaders on effective leadership. A problem with over 80% of the working population is they do not enjoy their work. Simon’s purpose, his WHY, is to change those ratios. His goal belief is that the world would be a much better place if 80% loved their work. The begging question is how can that be done?

Proper leadership is critical for a healthy happy well-adjusted work force. One example Simon uses in this book was given to him by a marine. Simon asked a General, “What is it that makes Marines so special? The General simply said, “Officers eat last.” The example of sacrifice set by leaders can be a great source of inspiration, trust and relationship building. See the video Purpose Defined for the source of that tip.

Purpose Defined

This is a must video. Simon tells of a personal experience travelling to Afghanistan. While there he briefly lost his sense of purpose. This was an experience that changed his life. It may very well change yours. If you only have time for one presentation I would encourage you to at hear this story. I believe this is even better than the Simon Sinek TED video.

Why Leaders Eat Last

Here is a video with more information about his second book that we highly recommend whether you are a leader or not. This video was posted early in 2014 and within 8 months had 500,000+ visits.

Simon Sinek - Five Tips For Graduates   

Published on May 6, 2014     14,285   15.43 min

These 5 tips can be effectively applied by anyone. This is 15 minutes well invested.

5 Tips For Graduates

Simon is a story teller and has a good story for each of his 5 tips which are:

1. Focus on what you want but do not push others out of the way.

2. Tell the truth – before you get caught.

3. Ask for and accept help.

4. Take the risk to trust people.

5. Remember Who You Are, illustrated with Simon’s favorite story of all. I think you will really enjoy this moving story.

Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People You Don’t Understand Business.

Other than the Simon Sinek TED video this in one of his most important subjects for leaders to understand. Simon discusses trust and its importance. Along with trust he speaks to the importance of authenticity and meaning. Thinking about “them” rather than yourself makes a huge difference. What are you doing for the person next to you?

Published on Nov 16, 2012   152,796  30.40 minutes

Simon Sinek on Leadership – TED 2014

What do parenting and business management have in common?

Published July 20, 2014      10,424   14.51 minutes

Here are a few short Videos you may wish to start with.

How to Identify Your Passion and Create Results From It, Simon Sinek

2.07 minutes

Simon Sinek on How to Make Better Choices and Live More Fully

3.29 minutes

Simon Sinek on Why to Wait Before Making an Emotional Decision


Simon Sinek on How Setting Unrealistic Goals Can Serve the Greater Good

1.39 minutes

A Few of Simon’s Credentials:

  • Simon is a staff member at the RAND Corporation, a highly world regarded think tank.
  • Works with the Education for Employment Foundation, helping create opportunities for youth in the Middle East.
  • At Columbia University Simon teaches graduate students strategic communications.
  • A trained ethnographer, the study of customs of people and cultures.
  • Author, speaker and consultant.
  • TV and talk show radio guest.

Simon’s “WHY” is:

  • To inspire people to do the things that inspire them. He says that is why he gets up every morning, to inspire people to do the things that inspire them!

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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Price: $5.71 - $7.49
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't Price: $8.68 - $8.68

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