Jun 7 2014
SoZo Healthy Coffee Review

It’s often rumored that coffee was discovered back in the 850 A.D. era. The place of discovery was in Ethiopia who made the discovery after realizing that his animals became livelier after consuming some bright red berries. Coffee is found all over the world, but none is like SoZo Healthy Coffee. This SoZo Healthy Coffee Review reveals why it is so healthful.

SoZo Healthy Coffee, a very popular beverage

Inside the red berries lay coffee beans that now became embedded into the human race red coffee berriesfood and beverage consumption up to today. Statistics suggest that there are more than a whopping 400 billion consumed annually making coffee the number one popular beverage in the world.

Further, for more than a century, coffee has been under scrutiny and it has been claimed to have more health benefits than risks. As it stands, consuming a daily cup of SoZo nutritional coffee can help you minimize the risk of contracting Inflammation which contributor too many illnesses and aging, obesity, cancer and autism to name a few.

Healthy coffee also comes with a powerful punch of antioxidants. Studies suggest that American’s as it is attain more antioxidants from coffee consumption other than any other type of beverage or food. For the health advocates, coffee carries only two calories in every 8 ounce cup minus the sugar and cream. This means, SoZo nutritional coffee is a perfect guilt free way for anyone to boost their health.

SoZo® Select Coffee, so healthy!

Also known to many as the healthiest coffee in the world! Normally, everyone who grows and harvests coffee beans is accustomed to throwing the coffee fruit away. However this is not the case with SoZo®. This is the first and by far the only company in the world that has captured the CoffeeBerry’s® high-ORAC (15000) goodness in a healthy drink.

The end product SoZo® is created through a patented process which helps in the preservation of the entire coffee fruit nutrition thus retaining the beans true flavor. Secondly, SoZo® Select is now the world’s coffee that comes loaded with benefits of CoffeeBerry® whole coffee fruit.

The product comes with a bold and sweet taste and full-bodied smoothness that has a long lasting flair. The company sources for hand selected blends from the finest Colombian Arabica and Costa Rica coffee beans that are then roasted to perfection.

This selection has made the company come up with a rich and aromatic coffee that makes you the drinker savor cup after cup. The antioxidant properties percentage of SoZo® Select Coffee effectiveness is dependent on the harvest time and the region in which the coffee bean is grown.

So much more!

The SoZo® Select Coffee contains an extract that is harvested from the coffee fruit itself. In this regard, its nutritional benefits are something that cannot be derived from any other company. The extract carries a profusion of polyphenols and phenolic acid which are compounds that led to the realization of the name CoffeeBerry.

It goes without saying that SoZo® Select Coffee cannot be compared to any other coffee on the planet and there is no other plant like it. Tests affirm that a gram of SoZo® CoffeeBerry extract equals antioxidant value of 625gramns worth of blueberries.

NB: Anytime you are drinking SoZo® Select Coffee you should have the knowledge that you are simply drinking the worlds healthies coffee.


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