Sep 1 2014
The Business Of Belief: Why It’s So Vital For Your Success

The Business Of BeliefThe business of belief is a big. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals running around calling themselves coaches, leaders, and even teachers in the world of online marketing. Whether you consider yourself to be a prolific marketer, designer, or even a sales coach you have a way about you that causes people to believe in everything you say.

Educators of all types and those that refer to themselves as entrepreneurs also claim to be coaching people in their business and how they can have massive success. Is there a real qualifying factor or is this something that people use to get the money that they so desperately want just to drive bigger and better cars and reach a new tax bracket?

It’s not so much what others are trying to get us to believe, it’s whether or not they can make you believe something to be true and oftentimes it’s because they want to get you to believe something about yourself that is better than you think right now. Today, I want to share with you how you can be on the alert when it comes to the business of belief, and how you can tell the real coaches from the fake ones!

Why the Business of Belief is Troublesome

Oftentimes if you have trouble getting motivated on your own you begin looking for ways to get motivated. You might look to others for your motivation or perhaps you’ll look for a quick fix from a book, an audio, or even a video on YouTube. If this sounds like you, and you are like this each day in a struggle, chances are you shouldn’t be offering coaching to others.

This is how I look at those that call themselves coaches. I observe people carefully to determine whether or not they are capable of handling life on their own or if they are always looking for a way to get around what life throws at them.

It’s a catch 22 when we all face troubles each day. I am not saying that coaches won’t face problems, but what I do know is that individuals that are always in a battle and overly stressed never seem to be able to manage their lives all that well. This is why the business of belief in some cases is a bit tricky.

This is the same clue you want to look for as you review coaches, leaders, and even managers. Don’t listen to everything these people tell you because they are just people like you and me. It’s important that you:

  • Realize the truth about people (we are all the same)
  • Recognize that not all people have leadership ability (most are better followers)
  • Are these individuals always hyped up about the latest and greatest thing? (if so, they aren’t successful)
  • Do these individuals come highly recommended by reliable sources? (if not, steer clear)

There is a lot to think about before you “follow” someone. In fact, you need to be strong enough to be your own person before you get direction from someone else. Leaders inspire you to action, but they don’t spoon feed you.

Remember, coaching is a viable business and there are tons of great coaches out there who will assist you in activating your ambition. However, they won’t always have your best interest in mind when there isn’t much information to support who they are and what they have done with their lives.

Always exercise caution and observe people wisely before you give a lot of credit to the business of belief.

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