May 8 2014
The Gift Book Review ~ By Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph,D

Title: The Gift

Author’s Name: Dr. Shad Helmstetter, Ph,D

The Gift Shad HelmstetterType of Book/Genre: Personal Growth, Personal Development, Self-Help, Belief in Business, Business

Audience: Women, Women in Business, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, CEO’s & Employees, College Students, children & Professionals

Description/Brief Summary: Dr. Helmstetter has brilliantly brought together the fruits of 30+ years of behavioral research to deliver the 12 most important “gifts”, he calls the tools of Personal Growth. His wisdom and writing style allows the reader to apply the knowledge he writes about and apply it immediately. This book is known as a “Manual for Personal Growth”.

Published in 2005, The Gift, covers everything from the impacts of surrounding yourself with success and how to improve you own life by helping other people get better to how to find your focus and finally, how to be more successful by doing something you love.

My original copy, now a bit tattered, was personally signed by Dr. Helmstetter. His patience and humor make his delivery of this topic a joy to behold. I have been privileged to attend a number of Dr. Helmstetter’s live presentations. His Lifetime Library of Positive Self-talk CD’s/MP3’s are the most complete and effective way to change what you say when you talk to yourself, which is the key to the programming what your brain receives and often your emotions and attitude.

Sample: “For now, to get started, there are only two things you have to do.  The first is to trustYou can trust that, if you use the tools, you will reach your goals.  I’ve watched these same remarkable gifts change the lives of tens of thousands of people.  None of the tools is difficult to use, and when you use them, they will work just as effectively for you.    The second thing you have to do is be willing to dream again– really dream. No matter what you may have dreamed of in the past, or where you are in your life right now, take the time to dream again–and willing to imagine anything at all…. If you’re willing to trust and if you’re willing to dream, with these twelve gifts–the tools that make your dreams come true–one of those stories could be about you.”

The Gift Review:

Putting the tools of Personal Growth into practice may seem like a “big thing” to start – at first. I found that instead of trying to be perfect and listen to all that was recommended, AND be perfect, not missing a CD… I found much greater success changing one thing at a time & I found that the practice of reaching my goals and dreams was just that. Practice. I found joy in each accomplishment, not only within the program of reading and listening, but also practicing, at least once a day, something new that I had learned.

Personally, I began to see that making choices were very cause and effect. I knew they were, but when I examined what causes were making which effects, I was able to change a great deal. I found myself wanting to learn more. I discovered two other books by Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s, What To Say When You Talk To YourSelf, & Who Are You Really And What Do You Want? Both of these books have proven to take me even farther down my own personal path of Personal Growth and Development.

I recommend Dr. Helmstetter’s Self-talk series and books for anyone who is really interested in reversing and abolishing the negative thoughts that hold you back each day. Get The Gift below.


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