Aug 30 2014
The Power Of Appreciation Goes A Long Way!

Have you ever felt the power of appreciation? If you need a moment, try to think back to a time when someone took the time to share something with you, perhaps a word of thanks. This probably made you feel valued and appreciated more than you ever have been. Right?

The Power Of AppreciationWhile this could be true for you and hopefully for most people, it’s one of the qualities that we see lacking in many ways in organizations and leaders around the country. Teamwork, leadership and worth ethic all play a part in this. The greatest thing about appreciation is that when it’s shown it actually spurs productivity.

The interesting thing is that these individuals not only experience this on a personal level but they experience this in their business too. What about you? How do you feel about this? Today, I want to share with you how you can test the power of appreciation and how it can change the outlook of your team members and prospects and how it can change you on the inside!

Why the Power of Appreciation Saves Jobs!

It’s no secret that being appreciative improves the quality of your life. However, the power of appreciation can save jobs too! If you know what it’s like to be appreciated then keep in mind others feel the same way. This means if you are building a team that you want to make sure that they are aware how much you appreciate them and their efforts each day.

The power of appreciation can drive team members to work harder and do more when they are acknowledged for the good work they have done. This is critical in training people too because they need to know that you see what they are doing. When you do tell team members how well they are doing it will encourage them to work even harder.

The Power Of AppreciationYou can share how you feel in a few simple ways like:

  • Telling them “Thank you”, or “I appreciate you spending time on that for me”
  • Sending them a note of thanks or appreciation
  • Giving them a small gift just to let them know that you believe they are over the top!

These might not seem so significant, but once you put them into action they truly are. Taking the time to show appreciation is a big part of this too, because team members will believe that the time spent was totally worth it.

The Power of Appreciation Can Save Your Business

Remember, it’s not just your team but your customers and prospects that matter. Do you show them how much you care? If you don’t, chances are they will walk away. You don’t have to always run a sale but why not add something or some benefit to them?

People don’t care how grand the gesture is, as long as they feel as though they matter to you. It could be listening to new product ideas, logo ideas, or even event ideas. You name it, and it probably fits with what we are talking about today.

Does this change your perspective a bit? I know that it does for me. Just remember that when all else seems slow and out of order in life, you can change it all with the power of appreciation!

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