Mar 6 2014
The Science of Success Book Review ~ By Wallace D. Wattles

Title: The Science of Success

The Science of SuccessAuthor’s Name: Wallace D. Wattles

Type of Book/Genre: Personal Growth, Personal Development, Self-Help, Belief in Business, Business

Audience: Women, Women in Business, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, CEO’s & Employees, College Students, children & Professionals, All

Description/Brief Summary: Published in 2005, The Science of Success, covers everything from the impacts of surrounding yourself with success and how to improve you own life by helping other people get better to how to find your focus and finally, how to be more successful by doing something you love.

This compilation of three books in the same volume, The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well, and The Science of Being Great, is one of the very best volumes I have ever read for personal growth and development. Wallace Wattles is a prosperity guru who draws you into thinking bigger with his timeless secrets to prosperity, while living a healthy successful life.

The first book, The Science of Getting Rich, challenges the reader by starting with the “right” to be rich. He outlines how riches come to you and he leads you to think about and begin to “act in a certain way”. He reminds all of us that the best way to help the poor, is to get rich ourselves. Getting all the money you desire is within you. Reading this book will teach you about the thinking stuff…

Sample: “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; and this form a clear mental picture of the things he wants, and hold this picture in his thoughts with the fixed purpose to get what he wants, and the unwavering date that he does get what he wants, closing his mind to all that may tend to shake his purpose, dim his vision, or quench his faith.”

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This second book, The Science of Being Well, really opened my eyes the first time I read it. What surprises me is I swear Wallace Wattles sneaks into my office to add the content, exact content, that I need to adjust my eating habits for healthier living. Understanding the universal Principals of Life, written so very simply, focus the reader that the single point of view is very difficult to miss. He calls health a priceless blessing. I have to agree. Eat well, drink clean and sleep tight! What else matters if you do not practice good health?

Sample: “Do not assert with faith that you are going to get well: assert with faith that you ARE well. …  Mentally take the attitude of being well, and do not say anything or do anything which contradicts this attitude…  Gratitude has a two-fold effect: it strengthens your own face, and it brings you to close and harmonious relations with the Supreme.”

The third book, The Science of Being Great, brings the big thinking concepts to a firm conclusion. You cannot remain the same person as you were when you started reading this book.  You come to realize that your wealth and your health are becoming more perfected each day.  How can you not be great?

Intelligent use of the principle of power, found in every person, will help anyone in any direction he pleases, with abundant possibilities within reach.  Conscious growth and the ability to create that pathway was only given to humans. It has been given in an unlimited potential and supply.

Sample: “Greatness is attained only by thinking of great thoughts.  No man can become a great in outward personality until he is great internally, and no man can be great internally until he THINKS…. Thinking is the hardest and most exhausting of all labor; and hence many people shrink from it…. You have nothing to keep right but yourself; if you keep yourself right, nothing can possibly go wrong with you, and you can have nothing to fear.”

The Science of Success Review:

Even though not much is known about Wallace Wattles, this Science of Success Book Review, cannot do his life justice. However, he must have lived an incredible life. He was born in 1860 and only lived to the age of 51. He was a prolific writer who mastered the subject of attracting wealth, health and success. His dream for the happiness of all, continues to be shared. He was self-taught and became a scholar of philosophy and religion.

Many books written over a century ago may not contain the timeless messages that are found in The Science of Success. These books continue to inspire me and I would encourage you to find the best prosperity teacher for you, the ones that speak to your soul, to attract all the success, abundance, wellness and gratitude your life can hold.

I recommend these books for anyone who is really interested in reversing and abolishing the negative thoughts, living a life of total health and abundant greatness.

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