May 29 2014


I joined the US Navy after completing high school in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While in the Navy, I was selected to attend the Navy’s Electronic Technician School, in San Francisco, CA. While in this school I learned to maintain the Navy’s radars and communications equipments. After electronics school, I was selected to attend the Navy’s Submarine Enlisted School in New London, CT. After Submarine School, I  then was send to my first submarine, USS CARBONERO (SS337) stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI. After three years I was selected into the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP), where the Navy sent me to the University of New Mexico, where I earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. After leaving the University of New Mexico, I was sent to the Navy Officer Candidate School in New Port, RI, where I was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy.  I was then sent to my  first nuclear Lt. Trin Riossubmarine as a Strategic Weapons Officer. For the next twelve years I served on four other nuclear submarines. During my first shore duty tour, I earned a Masters Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. After 23 years, I retired from the Navy, and went to work  for an International Defense Contractor, in Washington D.C. I worked my way to become a Program Manager, were I oversaw the design, construction and installation of computer systems in both US and UK nuclear submarines. After 25 years at with this defense contractor, I retired again and being tired of living, driving in and shoveling the snow of the north, I moved to Florida to work on my golf game and my suntan.


While in retirement, I needed to increase my fixed retirement income in order take care Trin Riosof family medical needs, be able to help provide college funding for my grandchildren that were completing high school and getting ready for college, to be able to support my Church, and to be able to travel more in retirement. Not wanting to work in a regular 9-5 job, making minimum wages, I tried to make money on the internet with a home business. After many months and many thousands of dollars lost in scams, I finally found a home business that would work for him. This is a program that would provide me the additional income that I needed in retirement to support my family needs, provide funds for my grandchildren to go to college, be able to support my Church, and be able to travel.


I have proven to be a leader in the Navy, in my civilian life as Program Manger with a major International Defense Contractor and as the owner of my internet marketing home business. Get to know and work with me; check out my website: you will be glad to you did:

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About Trin Rios

Trin Rios grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and joined the U.S. Navy after high school. He retired from the US Navy after 23 years, having served as an enlisted man for 12 years, before getting his commission and retired as an officer. He served on 5 different submarines. He also retired as a Program Manager from a Major International Defense Contractor and is now the President and CEO of TRCM LLC, an internet direct marketing company. Trin Rios is a proven leader; in the US Navy, as a Program Manager, and now as a home business company owner and CEO.

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