Jul 13 2014
uBreakiFix Franchise Business Review

Cellphone On The Fritz?  uBreakiFix Franchise To The Rescue!

ubreakifix franchiseThe uBreakiFix franchise was born when Justin Wetherill, a 25-year-old University of Central Florida graduate, didn’t want to pay Apple Inc. $199 to repair his broken iPhone screen.  Since Wetherill did have some experience studying technology and building computers, he decided to repair the iPhone himself by purchasing the parts for the repair from Ebay for $20.  Although the phone was destroyed in the process, he decided he would not give up.  He decided to hone his repairing skills with broken iPhones and parts that cost him $1,000.  After refining his skills, Wetherill partnered with David Reiffin in 2009 to create a uBreakiFix website to advertise for the repair of iPhones in the Orlando area.  Additionally, he auctioned his iPhone repair services on Ebay, fixing about seven phones a day for $79.99 each.

The uBreakiFix consumer electronics-repair franchise expanded from two stores in 2009 to nearly 50 stores by the close of 2012.  During that period of time uBreakiFix, which offers a range of professional repairs on smartphones to computers and everything in between, has seen their revenue skyrocket from $1.1 million in 2010 to $17 million in 2012.  The finalized work on smartphones, computers and tablets, gaming consoles, Mac computers, Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods is backed by a national warranty.

Wetherill has set a lofty goal for the company for the next several years: to have a couple thousand stores up and running and to penetrate new markets at an even quicker speed.  The secret to his success, he says, is the fact that “anyone can sell, but not everyone can serve”.  Whether he’s dealing directly with businesses or the consumer, he makes it a point to wow his customers with great customer service.

Why Franchise With uBreakiFix?

ubreakifix franchise costWhen you invest in a uBreakiFix franchise, the most difficult part is already done for you.  The word has been spread throughout the country about the uBreakiFix brand and years have been spent honing the repair processes so that customers will not have any doubt about where to bring their devices for repairs.  Their concept consists of clean lines, modern technology, and crisp colors, which is a great aesthetic that keeps costs low for the franchisee, and promotes a high level of ease for customers.  It is the goal of the uBreakiFix franchise to exceed the customer’s expectations.  Having built and grown several successful affiliate locations, the franchise development team is ready to help you accomplish your dream of owning your very own lucrative business, and to provide support for you all the way.

You get more bang for your buck with a uBreakiFix franchise.  With the enormous amount of parts ordered on a monthly basis, you’ll be provided with high-quality parts to finish repairs for your clients.  This allows for some of the greatest margins in the consumer electronics-repair business, which is confirmation that your customers will be pleased with the performance of their repaired device.

uBreakiFix Franchise Startup Cost Information

When investing in a uBreakiFix electronics repair franchise, you can expect the startup costs, ongoing fees, and financial requirements to include the following:

The total Investment will be in the range of $85,000 – $166,000
There will be a Franchise Fee of $40,000
Your ongoing Royalty Fee will be 7%
The Term of Franchise Agreement is 10 years, renewable
You should have a Net Worth of at least $200,000
Your Liquid Cash Available should be at least $100,000

As always, do your due diligence and see for yourself the real numbers for this and any franchise.  This is to be done meticulously and before committing to any investment.  It will most definitely spare you from an excruciating misfortune and most likely spare years of your valuable time.

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