May 8 2014
What is MLM And How Does it Work?

money-puzzleIn a day and age where people are losing jobs left and right and there are precious few job to replace them with, people are having to look to alternatives. One of those options is MLM or multi level marketing. This sort of opportunity has been around for a while and it is a proven way for people to make all sorts of money. Whether you are looking at part time work or full time MLM is an excellent way to earn some pretty respectable money. However, while most people have heard of MLM most people really don’t know what it is. The question, What is MLM And how does it work is actually not that difficult to answer.

What is MLM? The Answers.

The first important piece of information is defining what MLM really is. Basically MLM is a marketing strategy when people are compensated not only for the sales they generate but they are also compensated for the sales of the people they recruit. For example, as a personal distributor of a product, you can sell like crazy and you make a certain commission on the sale. If you recruit other people to become distributors of the products you sell, you provide them with product and you get a commission on their sales on top of your own personal sales activities.

This example given here is demonstrated in the basic MLM business model. The business model is moving products or services from the production phase directly to consumers using distributors. This creates a multi level commission payout plan. The example given above pretty much answers the question, What is MLM And how does it work.

Now that the question, What is MLM And how does it work has been answered, what many people want to know is who does MLM benefit the most.

Working An MLM Compensation Plan: Who Gets The Benefits.

gold-men-shaking-handsThe benefits are usually called the compensation plan or the business plan and this goes actually to everyone who works the plan, however, it does go in a specific order.

First of all, it benefits the manufacturer of the product because their product or service is being moved. Then it benefits the original distributor because he or she is moving the product or services and is collecting a fee. In addition, with the recruitment of other distributors below them, they are opening up new forms of commission based profits from downline commissions thanks to other distributors receiving products from them.

Lastly it benefits the recruited distributor because they are free to sell products for a commission as well as being free to recruit distributors to work underneath them as well.

Why MLM Should Be Treated Like A Real Business

While it is important to answer the question, What is MLM And how does it work, it is also important to understand some simple business logic as well. While many people get into MLM without a lot of business experience, you have to understand that this is a business. As it is a business, you are going to need some capital to invest in it. The question is how do you get the capital you need.

There are a few options. You can raise the capital yourself, depending on how much you need and how much you have. You may have to sacrifice some things to get up and running. Is it worth it? Absolutley. It will avoid having to look for other avenues of capital. You can also look for private investments from others. Typically, when you look for this sort of capital, you are trading cash for equity or partial ownership in your business, which can be a real asset. Lastly, if your business model is good, you can look for commercial, personal credit or bank loans as well.

Even with the right capital, you are going to need to seek expert advice to ensure that you get your business off to a good start. There are top experts in the MLM industry who specialize in helping people just like you to make their business work.

As you are evaulating which business model to invest in, make sure they have a marketing system in place that has a fool proof process which is easy to duplicate and will allow you to quickly track and easily acquire new prospects and leads on a daily basis. This will be the lifeblood of your new business to take you on your road map to success.

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