May 14 2014
What's Going On With The Boston Bruins?

The Boston Bruins finished the regular season in the NHL well ahead of their nearest competitor. Even 17 points ahead of the Montréal Canadiens their arch enemy and winners of the Presidents trophy . So what’s been going on in the playoffs lately.   Obviously Boston made it through the first round and is now in the second round against their arch rival Montréal Canadiens and are about to play game seven in a rivalry that goes  back many many years.379778

There are  lots of statistics about who wins these games.What percentage of the time Montréal wins the game if they score first. What percentage of the time the win the seventh game if they don’t score the first goal, etc.

  These are the dreams of   sports radio groupies that love to talk about these numbers. But what it really boils down to is how these two teams matchup and who hits the hardest and  first and ultimately who scores the most goals. Right now  Montréal’s goalie Price  is very hot and the Bruins goalie  Rask seems to have some confidence problems which could be a major problem.   But all things considered the home team  Bruins would have  the advantage.


If this is in fact the last game of the season for the Boston Bruins on game seven against the Montréal Canadiens we  will look back at this year as a failure. Even though they got the Presidents trophy. Even though they scored a record number of points and even though they won the first round we will still take off  our Bruin’s shirts and put them away for golf season.

The winning team will of course go on to face the New York Rangers who beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in an exciting seven-game series. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Bruins could play the Rangers  beat them and get  to the Stanley Cup finals for the third time in four years. That’s what we really want .  Keep your fingers crossed …

..Black and Gold be on target  tonight.

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