Nov 1 2013
WMI M2 Review: What Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas!

Las Vegas has been tagged as Sin City. You have also heard the quote, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

What I want to share with you should not stay in Vegas!! This is meant for the world to see!

I was fortunate to be able to spend a lovely time with my one and only love, Michael and I got to be on stage to present with Ryan Nelson! What an honor!

WMI Vegas GCAlso, we had the opportunity to see a number of shows, meet some amazing people and see long-time friends which was a bit of a FUN surprise!

On Stage At The Mirage…

I would have thought it was a mirage… I had to pinch myself only a couple of times… Ryan Nelson is a gifted young man. He shares wisdom with you every time he opens his mouth. I was invited to share my experience from Ryan’s Personal Branding event, which I attended in October last year, onstage at the Mirage!

I was chosen to go to Houston. I got to spend valuable time with Ryan and his lovely wife Jessica.  The Branding event taught me how to use the tools that Ryan sets up for each one of the attendees. He then teaches you how to use those tools to earn money and become a Master Internet Marketer. Ryan’s training and our combined efforts have created more confidence in me. I have been blessed by the results of Ryan’s efforts. To have others come to me for more information about my experiences working with each and every tool I have been given has been magical! Now I earn money on the internet because and others are inquiring and purchasing the books I have written too! Check out the Genie Craff Online Bookstore!


I am proud of the video that was made of me there!


Bonus!! My Long-time Friend Veronica…

…ended up in Las Vegas at the same time!! As girlfriends we go way back. We have shared business adventures together and helped each other through some very tough times.

We had a wonderful time catching up and making the best of the precious moments we shared. Her dashing husband, Ivan was not able to join us, but her good friend Cheryl did when we met at the Palms Lounge for drinks and a great show with the Big City Horns!!GCVegas5.2013

She was so kind to introduce us to Z-Man who came to watch the band and who also happens to be the base player in an awesome show called “Human Nature The MOTOWN Show”! He was able to get us some amazing seats at his show at the Venetian Hotel later in the week. We were thrilled and entertained! The show left us speechless and wanting more. I have a CD that I now listen to as often as I can!!


Be sure to celebrate those who you get to spend time with! It doesn’t have to be in Vegas, but if you want to join us soon when we travel again, we’ll be in either Virginia, or Denver, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic or a combination of these. Cruising is one of our new passions! Watch for more about our travels!

Join Genie Craff. Learn what I have learned about Internet Marketing from one of the BEST!! Thanks Ryan Nelson for your mentoring and all you teach me each day!

QUOTE FROM THE TOTE: “Confidence in knowing what to say is vital. Your confidence will show like the Emperor who has no clothes on. It shows well…. you know everything.”  ~ Genie Craff  from Stallin’ Callin’? Money Making Phone Calls ~ Working From Home

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