Whether you are a first responder, working in a hospital, or flying an aircraft when lives are on the line, Vertical Rising supplies the fuel you need to remain focused and attentive.


  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker
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Launching June 22, 2021

Taking pre-orders now.

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Cold Brew Coffee

Brew highly caffeinated cold brew in a pitcher, then infuse Nitrous Oxide for the rich creamy flavors of nitro brew. Fill the nitro brew keg 3/4 full and screw on the pressure cap with the faucet. Use one 8g Nitrous Oxide cannister for a strong coffee flavor and two cannisters for smooth and creamy flavor.

Inspired by Critical Care Flight Paramedics and Nurses, where attention to detail and focus are the difference between life and death.


5 Billion people just began working remotely from home. Nitro brew in the comfort of my home office. Amazing!


Best Nitro Brew around!


I'm a customer for life!