How do I use the Nitro Brew Keg System?

For best results, fill keg with 40-48 ounces of your favorite cold brew or other beverage. Make sure straw is attached and tap is secured tightly to the keg to prevent gas from leaking. Insert Nitrogen or Nitrous Oxide canister and tighten holder. You will hear the pin pierce the cartridge. Continue screwing in cartridge holder until secure. Please note: the cartridge will provide resistance, but it is important you continue to screw on completely for correct gas exchange and to prevent gas leakage.

Where can I buy Nitrogen or Nitrous Oxide cartridges?

Cartridges can be found on Amazon.com, other online retailers, and most gourmet food stores.

What kind of Nitrogen cartridges does the Vertical Rising Nitro Keg use?

The Vertical Rising Nitro keg will work with any 8 gram Nitrogen or Nitrous Oxide cartridge.

What types of beverages can be used in the Nitro Keg?

Other than cold brew coffee, the Nitro Keg can be used to infuse any of your favorite non-cabonated beverages including tea, lemonade, and juices. We do not recommend using beverages with small particles like in pulp or smoothies as they can clog the tapping system. Adding previously carbonated beverages will cause too much gas to be infused into the drink resulting in mostly foam being poured from the tap.

How do you clean the Vertical Rising Nitro Keg system?

Once the contents have been emptied and the gas has been released, the keg system can be washed with hot water and a mild soap. Be sure to rinse well to prevent residue build-up. This product is NOT dishwasher safe.